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ATFA promotes online trade promotion activities

ATFA promotes online trade promotion activities

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on all aspects of social life, including activities to promote and seek opportunities to buy and sell goods and provide services between Vietnamese businesses. with international businesses. Since 2020, Asia Trade Fair and Promotion Joint Stock Company (ATFA) has promoted the implementation of online trade promotion activities between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises such as Japan. Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, … to remove difficulties for businesses.

In the past 6 months, ATFA Company has cooperated with CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. to organize a series of events connecting online trade for businesses, within the framework of the SMEX ASEAN Online Exhibition on Information Manufacturing. smart. Businesses sit in their offices, using computers or phones connected to the Internet, with the assistance of coordinators and interpreters from ATFA, conducting a 1:1 exchange of information with each other. businesses, products, and market needs, thereby creating a premise for the establishment of a long-term cooperative partnership.

The series of online trade connection events has attracted the participation of nearly 300 businesses from many countries around the world such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. in different fields such as Vehicles , Driving and Controlling; Automation in Industry, Agriculture; Casting, Metalworking, Mechanical Engineering; Power electronics; Medical; etc. with thousands of trades. In particular, the event has successfully connected more than 200 online trades between Vietnamese businesses and foreign businesses. Through networking sessions, many businesses have recorded promising business results. In particular, more than 60 participating Vietnamese businesses gave positive feedback on the series of online trade connection events. Mr. Nguyen Duy Chuc, General Director of Kanzo Electronics Vietnam Joint Stock Company and Lan Anh Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., shared: “I am directly managing two businesses, so the connection issue is extremely important. important. At the same time, in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, working online is an effective solution to maintain and increase work efficiency. I feel that trade connection programs like these really bring value to businesses, contribute to supporting businesses to be safer in cross-border transactions, prepare their potential to respond quickly to events. trade changes, market developments after the Covid-19 epidemic ends”.

Established in 2005, ATFA is known as one of the leading companies not only in the field of organizing fairs, exhibitions, and events, but also in the field of trade promotion by actively organizing trade connection programs for domestic and international businesses, creating opportunities for businesses to connect, exchange cooperation, promote production and business. With a team of experienced coordinators and interpreters and a modern technical background, ATFA always tries to ensure maximum trading efficiency for businesses.

In the near future, ATFA Company will continue to implement trade promotion programs, connect trade with services more and more professionally, market size and field are expanded day by day, constantly bringing new products to customers. value and satisfaction for partners and customers.